angiography needles introducer needle 18 g / 20g

angiography needles introducer needle

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Angiography Needles Introducer Needle 18 G / 20G

Transperant hub for Visualizing the guidewire.

Combine an ergonomic hub, coated stainless steel and sharpness of the tip with top clinical performance.

2 and 3 part needles offered in standard, Seldinger or Cournand shields incorporate a blunt cannula with a solid or hollow cutting stylet

Available in 18/20/21 G , length 4cm/7cm

Smooth hub-to-cannula transition for easy introduction.

Highly precise Sharp Back cut cannula provides quick access.

Tip Guard to protect the Tip.

SS Material AISI304.

Available Sterile and Non Sterile.

Angiography Needles,Obturators,Hydrophilic Sheath Introducer,Diagnostic Cardiology Catheter, Introducer Device 18 G

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