ptca balloon inflation device 1 to 30 atm manufacturer from india

ptca balloon inflation device

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PTCA Balloon Inflation Device

PTCA Balloon Inflation Device 1 to 30 ATM manufacturer from India, Disposable Inflation Device,Digital Inflation Device, Hemostasis Valve, Guiding Catheters, Aspiration Catheter

High quality pressure sensing element makes Inflation Device pressure
reading highly accurate even at extremes of pressure.
Excellent graduation and error minimization for readings on grid and barrel.
Excellent eye to hand coordination by 30 ATM/Bar angled analogue pressure gauge, for accurate pressure reading and high visibility.
Inflation Device ensures accurate repeatability of the measurements for several times.
Braided tube and meticulous apparatus assembly: 
for better pressure tolerance and extremely critical threshold for leakage of air into loaded assembly and flexibility of device positioning
Most accurate Grid:
Inflation device has minimum margin of acceptable deviation for maximum accurate interpretation of built pressure
High-pressure stability:
engages more threads between auto trigger and the plunger to maintain stability at high pressure. No Drifts and decays in pressure at even high pressure.
Rapid Escalation of pressure:
One 360° rotation to raise minimum 2 ATMpressure for better precision and rapid Escalation in pressure, saving time of flow obstruction
Auto trigger mechanism:
Excellence in design that prevents accidental release of pressure yet no compromise on ease deflation even from high pressure.
Specially Designed Housing:
Ergonomic housing with figure-imprints that enhances device holding stability even with wet hands
Barrel Material: Polycarbonate
Plunger Material :Polycarbonate
Extension Tubing :10" (27.3cm) flexible, P1.1 braided
Connector :Male, rotating
Lubricant :Medical grade silicone
Pressure Range :-1 to 30 ATM/BAR, 0 to 440 PSI
Volume Dispensed :0.35m1+/-0.05m1 per 360' handle rotation
Operating Temp :10° C to 40" C
Storage Temp :-2°C to 25° C
Accuracy :+1-2.5% full scale typical