Measured Volume Burette Micro-drip infusion Set in India

measured volume burette microdrip infusion set

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Measured Volume Burette Micro-drip infusion Set T-7107 

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• Clear & transparent burette type measured volume chamber of 110/150 ml. 

• Efficient roller controller for accurate flow rate.

• Automatic shutoff valve prevent air embolism.

• 15 μm fluid filter to reduce particulate matter

• Provided with Bulb latex for extra medication.

• Needle 23 G

• Approximately 60 drops per ml.

• Individually packed, sterile & Disposable.

• All Measured Volume Burette is also available in DEHP free PVC material & Measured Volume Burette for Photosensitive anti-cancer drugs

Available in tube latex/latex free/Y-injection/Needle free Y-site/20drop per ml /60drop per ml/with or without needle 21G/Luer lock or rotating luer lock.

We have more than 10 various specifications available. Also we can customize Infusion set as per client’s requirement. We are mostly online to serve our customer in better way , so kindly put your question related to our product specification and price and we will happy to answer your query.