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closed wound suction unit

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S-7502 Closed Wound Suction Unit

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• Vacuum assisted suction drainage is an effective device use for closed wound drainage under negative pressure post operatively with

   the option to use one catheter or two catheters simultaneously.

Consists bellow unit with connector, connecting tube with clamp & “Y” connector, curved trocar

   with catheter & spare perforated catheter.

• Curved Needle Length 175 cm for all sizes

• Easy to use by one person simply open the side port depress the chamber and re-close the side port to activate the suction of bellow unit.

• Pre-vacuumed Closed Wound Drainage Systems is suitable for close wound drainage under negative pressure post operatively.

• Below unit capacity: 800ml / 400ml / 50ml

• Individually packed & sterile.

SIZE FG-10 FG-12 FG-14 FG-16 FG-18
COLOUR Black White Green Orange Red