coronary diagnostic and interventional guidewires

coronary diagnostic and interventional guidewires

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PTFE Guide Wires , Coronary Diagnostic and Interventional Guidewires

Angiography guide wires for introduction, stabilization and positioning of angiographic catheters

Standard version with dispenser and Luer lock - fitting for flushing the wire

Wide range of guide wires with J-tip or straight end

Different diameters 0.025/0.032/0.035/0.038 inches & Lengths: 150 cm, 175 cm, 200 cm, 260 cm

High quality PTFE-coated stainless / nickel-chromium steel

Excellent soft tip and retention.

Excellent pushability 1:1 transmission form the proximal end to the tip.

High Flexible material allows easy to use.

Available Sterile and Non Sterile

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