manifolds for angiography angioplasty interventional cardiology

manifolds for angiography angioplasty interventional cardiology

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2 & 3 Port Manifold

Manifolds for Angiography Angioplasty Interventional cardiology

Manifold are made from clear, polycarbonate bodies with leak free, smooth turning, low torque handles.

Manifolds are available in 3-port/2-port/half body/full body/Right-off handle/Right-on Handle, right orientation/250psi/500psi/1250psi

Continues large Internal lumen for high flow rates.

Smooth turning handles.

Latex Free.

Manifolds are available Sterile and Non Sterile.

Manifolds for Angiography Angioplasty Interventional cardiology, Guide Wire, Torque Device,Guide Wire Insertion Tool, Manifolds,Pressure Transducers

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