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Dental Implants Implantes dentales Implants dentaires Implantes dentários

dental implants surgical drilling kit prosthetics and abutment , implants dentaires chirurgicaux kit de forage prothèses et piliers,implantes dentales kit de perforación quirúrgica prótesis y pilar

Continuous Taper & Parallel implants

Parallel wall implants provide more Bone to implant contact (BIC) hence excellent primary stability.

Continuous dual taper implants with self taping and self cutting threads provide great initial stability specially in poor or limited bone quality/quantity.

Important Features : 

Bevel on the top for greater bone volume leads to minimize the bone loss, encourage soft tissue integration

Micro Channels reduces the crestal stress; supports primary stability minimizes the bone loss

Parallel wall cylindrical Implant body for greater bone to implant contact hence increase primary stability

Active dual threads, increases surface area hence stabilility

SLA surface for Faster bone Adhesion

Apical Taper Easily place the implant in ossteotomy thereby completely securing placement.

Reverse tapper for preservation of cortical bone and promotion of alveolar bone remodeling

Conical Shape for gradually bone condensing effect and enhanced initial stability in poor condition bone.

Deep sharp threads for self drilling and self effect, promotes controlled guided insertion in low density bone.

SLA surface for Faster bone Adhesion

Fast penetration apex for quick insertion in to the bone and optimal anchorage on apical portion.

Here is some brief specifications for our Dental Implants :

# Implant Design : Coronal Threads || Reverse Conical Neck.

# Implant Diameter (mm) : 3.25/3.50/3.90/4.30/5.00/5.50.

# Implant Length (mm) : 8.0/10.0/11.5/13.0/15.0.

# Implant Material : TiO2 with SLA Surface.

# Connection : Conical Connection of 11° with Hexagonal Interlocking.