25ml infant mucus extractor with control suction connector

infant mucus extractor

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M-7601 Infant Mucus Extractor

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• Mucus Extractor is dsigned for aspiration of secretion from Oropharynx in newly born babies to ensure free aspiration.

• Low friction surface catheter is provided with open end silk smooth round tip, for trauma free insertion.

• Suction Tube lengths available: 35cm & 50cm

• Suction Tube sizes: From 6 FG to 14 FG

• Soft, frosted & kink resistant PVC tubing

• Atraumatic, Soft & rounded and open tip

• Capacity : 25 ml

• Chamber of Mucus Extractor is transparent & graduated upto 25ml.

• Suitable for mucus specimen for microbial examination.

• Individually packed & sterile.

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